Board of Directors


Alisa Noll

chair of the board | business analyst, bcg | founder of ascent

As a senior at The Ohio State University in 2017, Alisa founded Ascent Microfinance with the goal of helping eliminate financial inequality in Columbus. After serving as the first CEO of Ascent, she transitioned into being the Chair of the Board of Directors. During her time at Ohio State, Alisa was known as a change driver and was a one of the first graduates of the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program. Alisa currently works as a Business Analyst at the Boston Consulting Group’s Detroit office.


Chris Timko

chief of staff, slingshot memphis | former ceo of hmfi

Chris served as the CEO of The Hilltop Microfinance Initiative, a successful student run microfinance initiative out of Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Chris has served as an advisor to Ascent since its founding in early 2017 and took an official position on the board in the fall of 2018. After graduating from Georgetown, Chris worked as a Business Analyst at McKinsey and Company and completed an externship with a non-profit with the Midwest Health Collaborative. He currently serves as the Chief of Staff & Lead Consultant at Slingshot Memphis, a nonprofit focused providing seed funding to the next wave of innovative nonprofits.


Gretchen Geyer

FISHer board fellow, THE Ohio State university

Gretchen is a graduate of Goshen College and earned a bachelor's degree in social work and a minor in business. She currently serves as a fellow for The Ohio State University’s Fisher Board Fellows, is completing the MBA for Working Professionals at The Ohio State University, and serves as a Clinical Research Coordinator.