Our Financial Education Services

Through strong partnerships with other nonprofits, we help our clients achieve financial autonomy and literacy through personalized 1 on 1 and group financial education sessions.

Banking Basics

  • Understand the differences between the types of financial institutions and their services (i.e. banks vs. credit unions)

  • Understand the many benefits of using these financial institutions

  • Decide what kind of financial institution and account is best for you

  • Discuss the different types of accounts (checking vs. savings)

  • Learn how to open an account

Budgeting and Saving

  • Learn about the six steps to build your own budget and keep better track of your finances

  • Get tips on how to start saving money and see how your savings adds up over time

Dealing with Debt

  • Learn the basics of debt management

  • Definition and how debt works

  • Understand strategies on how to more effectively repay debt

  • Learn what the differences between good and bad debt, as well as other types of debt (Deductible vs Nondeductible, Fixed vs. Variable)

  • Rights regarding debt collection: what debt collectors can and cannot do

Building Credit

  • Learn what credit is used for and why it is important (i.e. favorable interest rates, trustworthiness, etc.)

  • Find out what goes into a credit a score and who can access your credit

  • Understand how to achieve good credit and how to avoid bad credit

  • Decide if a credit card is right for you and how to obtain one (Secured vs. Unsecured)

Predatory Financing

  • Understand what predatory financing is

  • Unfair or Abusive Lending and How to Avoid It

    • Five main types

    • How to determine if financing is predatory

  • Where to seek alternatives

    • Learn about safe and trustworthy sources


Our Current Education Partners


The Columbus Metropolitan Library

Ascent offers bi-weekly education sessions for customers of the Hilltop branch of the Columbus library.

CRIS logo small.jpeg

Center for Refugee and Immigrant Services

Ascent offers weekly education sessions with CRIS. Ascent’s education team works with a translator to offer tailor personal finance education to immigrants and families to the Columbus Community.


Sisters of Empowerment

Ascent partners with SOE for their My Home Program. Ascent tailored its financial education sessions to focus on saving and budgeting for buying a home in the Linden Community.


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